31 Ways To Reset A Bad Day!
(A therapeutic bit of poetic license)

1. Change your scenery
2. Change your mind
3. Mind your body
4. Mind over body
5. Breathe in..6. Breathe out
7. Find a place to shout it out
8. Sing it out
9. Box it, 10. lift it, 11. Run it out
12. Take a shower
13. Dance around
14. A library is quiet comfort
15. Driving (slow please) clears the gutters
16. Gardening is meditative
17. TED talks leave you contemplative
18. Hiking is a solid outlet
19. Writing wraps your thoughts around it
20. Yoga, 21. Chanting, and 22. Tai-chi (YouTube it)
23. Sports (if you still have good knees)
24. Indulge in healthy eating habits
25. Take a nap, recharge the batteries
26. Massage is awesome (at the mall?)
27. Creating art can keep you calm
28. Clear your mind in a mindful manner
29. Engage in friendly banter (preferably with a friend)
30. Comedy is great too
31. Close your eyes, count down to 2
At 1 your day can start again, reset and the day begins.

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