There are many reasons why people drink and will eventually need alcohol treatment centers. The site Drug Addiction Now just examined some of the most important ones to look out for:

There, of course, is never one specific reason why people turn to alcohol, and Dr. Victor Karpyak, a psychiatrist in Minnesota, examined 287 men and 156 women with alcohol problems over three months. His research found…

As it turns out, the daily intake for men and women can vary. Men addicted to alcohol drank more daily beverages a day than women.

Karpyak also noted that good and bad states of mind were triggers for alcoholism for men and women. “Negative mood states as well as positive mood states are well-known triggers for alcohol use in alcoholics as well as heavy drinkers or people who don’t have alcohol-related problems.”

Before a patient gets help in an alcohol treatment center, “We need to be more precise in diagnosing mood states versus mood and anxiety disorders in subjects who are suffering from alcoholism.”

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