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11340 W Olympic Blvd., Suite 305
Los Angeles, California 90064


Applied is a West Los Angeles based, substance abuse, mental illness and trauma outpatient treatment center providing top-notch, clinically proven treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

The unique and unparalleled strength of applied lies in its ownership team. We are a clinically owned and operated company founded by mental health professionals with extensive backgrounds in outpatient care, intervention, case management, and clinical consultation. Our seasoned owners have run world class treatment centers, provided professional consultation to the field, and have their own successful, clinically based businesses providing direct services to clients.

The vast majority of treatment centers in our country are founded and run by entrepreneurs, corporations, or well-intentioned businesspersons who cannot match this vast knowledge, experience, and passion. As a clinically owned entity, our priority is to the client and not simply the bottom line. Everything, first and foremost, is rooted in integrity, ethical practices, and sound clinical judgment. This is rare and unique when juxtaposed with the oversaturated insurance-based clinical world.