There’s a great song by George Thorogood called “One Bourbon, on Scotch, one Beer.” Sounds like a lot of fun, especially when you want to get away from the stress and routines of your everyday life. It’s surely okay to have a few drinks with your friends every now and then, but when is it too much? Do you still control the situation? Is it turning into an everyday habit? Alright, let’s be straightforward, are you a potential alcohol addict? If you even slightly suspect that you’re having too much alcohol and you’re having it too frequently ask yourself following five questions and find out more about your condition:

1.Do you remember what happened the last time you drank or mostly it’s your friends telling you the stories about what you did last night? In other words, do you have blackouts after alcohol consumption? 

2. “Hey buddy, you might need to slow down” or “son, have you been drinking again?” are these the kind of questions you hear frequently? Are your friends and family members worried about how much and how often you drink alcohol?

3.Is it hard for you to resist drinking, even though, you know you’ll have to drive afterward? Are you ready to take a risk of losing your driver’s license, or worse, of getting into an accident, for a few shots of vodka or tequila?

4.Would you be able to stop drinking for a certain amount of time or is this too much to ask for? 

5.Do you get into fights, have legal problems, or difficulties at your work because of drinking? 

If your answer to some of these questions is yes, you should further study your condition and spend more time on understanding where exactly you are. No worries, no panic, just act methodically. A good first step would be to take a yes/no test. It will take you not more than 10-15 minutes to do so. You can find one here:

If you need further assistance don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family members.Don’t postpone, the sooner you address this issues the faster you’ll be back on track. 

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