Jason Levine

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

PhD, Therapist & Facilitator

The opportunity to join the Applied team was so attractive because we agreed, at the outset, that clinical integrity and efficacy would be the priority. This allows us to not only grow a business, but also help our clients based on our talents and abilities, not on the bottom line alone. Being clinically owned and operated gets treatment out of the hands of the entrepreneur with no direct clinical experience and into the hands of the professionals that actually know what to do. It is with this spirit that we create the best treatment available for those suffering from Substance Use Disorder and the dually diagnosed

Dr. Levine is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Levine received his doctorate from the New School for Social Research in New York City and was trained as a Tobacco Cessation Specialist at the Mayo Clinic. He has been providing clinical treatment and administrative oversight to a myriad of cutting edge programs for almost 25 years. He has served in an executive capacity for most of his career for both profit and non-profit agencies. One of his major leadership positions includes having been the Senior Executive Director of Promises Treatment Centers, an internationally known dual diagnosis residential treatment facility.

Dr. Levine has always made it his priority to implement the most innovative treatment solutions for the most challenging issues, offering expert treatment for those who seek a caring and highly experienced treatment provider. He offers highly individualized psychotherapy and clinical direction in his specialty areas of substance abuse, smoking cessation, LGBT, persons with HIV/AIDS, and anger management treatment.

In addition to his leadership role at Applied LA, Dr. Levine maintains a private practice and is Co-founder and Lab Director of AJA Lab, LLC, a toxicology lab.

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