Multi-talented Margret Cho checked into a sober living facility in 2016 when friends did an intervention. She even joked onstage about bringing wine to what she thought was a party, then realizing it was an intervention, she got help. 

Cho has struggled with maintaining her sobriety before, and with a variety of subjects in her comedy, she’s no holds barred. As she told The Toronto Star, she checked in to rehab to focus on mental and chemical issues, and hitting the stage again, “I’ve come back to life. I’ve finally been fished out of the River Styx.”

Onstage she talks about “being fresh of drugs [and] drinking,” and she called he time in the hospital her “Girl, Interrupted moment. I think getting away is fabulous. You learn how to find a place for self care – so for me, it was all about trying to find a way to live in the real world.”

And indeed, comedy has proven to be one of the ways she’s coped with the real world, telling the Toronto Star, “I think sometimes it’s really the only way we can fight back and survive.

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