Most of us have had dreams and goals at one time or another. What would you do if you could do anything in the world? What would you be if anything were possible?

While some people believe that a positive attitude is a must in attaining goals, most don’t believe that the mind has the power to make our dreams and goals a reality.

An article at states that mind over matter really does work.

There is something to be said for the self-fulfilling prophecy. If we think we can do something, we can. If we think we can’t, we never try, or fail even when we do.

If you’ve spent your life in negativity, or are frustrated because you can’t seem to reach your goals, sometimes something as simple as changing our attitude can make the biggest difference.

Belief, coupled with effort, will help you reach your goals. Even if you’ve never been one to exercise faith in anything, it’s never too late to start. If you’ve failed to reach your goals, what do you have to lose?

Nothing is more powerful than the combination of words and attitude. When we speak words, our attitude can change. When we change our attitude to a positive one, even the words we speak change. We sound more upbeat, positive, strong, capable.

Don’t waste your personal power on negative emotions and actions. Stop complaining about the way things are and do something about them.

Making choices is another powerful tool we all possess. If you don’t like the way something is going, change it. Make a choice to do something different. If you’re unhappy with your job, change it. If you’re unhappy with your girlfriend or boyfriend, change it. If you don’t like your apartment, find a new one.

Negativity will only bring you down and keep you in a vicious cycle of frustration and failure. If you think you won’t ever be able to achieve anything, especially your dream goals, then you won’t.

Don’t put off the positive another day. Vow to yourself that you will wake up in the morning with a brand new attitude. It may sound cliché, but it works. Keep a journal of your dreams and goals. Track your progress. Find like-minded people and network with them. Being around negative people will rub off on you. Make friends who share your new-found positivity.

There is nothing mystical about mind over matter. It just comes down to being aware that the way you think impacts your choices and the way you live your daily life.

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