There’s a lot of focus on the importance of mental health in today’s media, and Sad Girls Club is trying to turn around the stigma of mental health issues with an Instagram group.

Elyse Fox, the founder of Sad Girls Club, has had depression issues since she was a teenager, and she formed the Sad Girls Club to fight it. “I decided to make something for other people like me,” she told Today.

Sad Girls Club has over 16,000 followers already, which Fox is very happy with. “I decided to make something for other people like me. I ask girls to submit their artwork or whatever their release is for their mental health. I just want to give everyone a platform where they can feel like they’re heard.”

Sad Girls Club also has in person meetings. “I had one girl who came to a meeting, she was the youngest that we’d had at that point,” Fox explains. “She was 16 and said she had been looking for something like this for years.”

Hoping to erase the stigma of mental illness, Fox said, “I just want people to understand that having a mental illness isn’t a negative thing. I think people assume that depression has a certain face or personality, and I’m here to say that it doesn’t.”

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