Chances are you have some type of social media account. If you have a mental health issue, social media can play a big part into your mental health, especially depression. Would you admit to yourself that sometimes looking through a social media platform like Facebook gets you more depressed sometimes by seeing the lives of other people? Well, think again. A lot of those lives that people put on social media are just “social media” lives.

People nowadays are trying to show off the best parts of their lives. And might go to great lengths to do so, even if its not true. People embellish their lives all of the time, and on social media where all you can do is see something from that person, it is easy to do so. That person that just posed a picture of them running with “Just ran an easy 5 mile race!”… yeah they might have run it… but not so easily. That person that made their whole amazing looking dinner… yeah they might have made some of it, but a lot of it may have been in already pre-made.

As humans, we can all probably say we have done this. But it is important to realize that seeing all of this embellished life on social media can make our feelings worse about our “boring” lives, when in reality, they really aren’t.

So here are some tips about how to get over the “embellished lives” on Facebook:

1. Make the life you want real. This may sound hard, but it will push you and make you feel better and looking forward to something. And be able to post about it in the real way if you wanted.

2. Use social media to be “social”. Don’t just go online to scroll feeds and check in on the lives of others. Use it to reach out, engage, and bring positivity. This will get you away from the fake lives you see on social media and let you focus in on your life to make it awesome and the way you want

3. Give yourself a limit. A lot of things in life, even things that are super positive, are best enjoyed in moderation. Too much can often be too much. Instead of persistently logging into your social media accounts to check on updates, give yourself set times, and set amounts of time that are spent on social media. This means turning off the instant notices on your phone, only logging in during certain times of day, and even setting aside “blackout” times when you stay offline entirely.

Given the addictive nature of social media, the suggestions above will not be easy to tackle, however the benefits of doing so will be incredible when you do.

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