Did You ever wake up in the morning and just feel amazing? The kind of awesome that leaves you feeling like you could build a house and clean it?

Well, that is most likely because you had a great night sleep!

An easy way to understand how your body works is to imagine how a car operates. We put miles on our cars, and we need to be careful about upkeep and not pushing them too hard or running them too “hot”. Our bodies, like cars, need to be well maintained and taken care of and sleep is an integral part of that.

Running on no sleep is like a car running on no oil, at the highest speed..in the desert..in the summer. It’s bound to fail. Though the amount of sleep that one requires can vary, our bodies can’t function properly without sleep. Sleep has all sorts of benefits as well, both mentally and physically.

Here are 5 benefits of sleep you should be aware of:

1. You feel good!

Nothing feels better than when you wake up feeling totally refreshed and recharged. While you’re sleeping, not only are you resting your body but you are also allowing all of the cells in your body to recharge and rejuvenate themselves as well.

Your body is made up of cells that play vital roles and have very specific jobs to do every single day just to keep your body up and running. When you’re tired, they are tired as well. That is why it is so important that you essentially, recharge your entire body’s “battery” every night.

Although you should be getting a good nights sleep (8-9 hours) every night, is even more important to prioritize that sleep-time on the night before any strenuous activities such as sports,tests, exams, interviews, etc.

You want to be at your best, and a good nights sleep will ensure that you put your best foot forward.

2. You look better:

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. And beauty is not just a physical trait. However, when a person is lacking sleep, no matter how beautiful, it will show.

Studies show that when an individual receives a proper amount of sleep, their physical appearance will enhance greatly.

This means your skin will clear up better. It means you won’t have those dark circles under your eyes. You will decrease the risk of getting “worry” wrinkles. Your body heals better. If you don’t turn into a supermodel overnight, at a minimum Your over all appearance will be much healthier when you receive the proper amount of sleep.

A Lack of sleep can also make you less “beautiful” to be around causing you to be irritable, fatigued, stressed, cause headaches, be a headache etc. the list goes on and on.

3. Your focus is on-point:

All right, this one is very important for those of you who are in school and/or are in the workforce.

We all know how tedious and stressful school and work can be. In school you see people popping prescription drugs left and right just to get through a semester. Many Students today, in increasing measure, are practically zombies, zoned out due to the effects of these drugs.

This is the Same at work, Especially in a high intensity work environment or position. You want nothing more than to excel in whatever you’re doing, and no amount of coffee, energy drinks, and even illicit substances will be spared in the effort to “make it”. Sleep often comes last on the list of priorities when trying to put bread on the table and compete in the already “position-challenged” workforce.

Life can be overwhelming. Everyone goes through it. But sleep is a better way to keep you on track and to keep your attention span on “hero”instead of zero.

4. You get Better test scores and perform better:

Research studies show that students preparing for tests that get more sleep the night before receive higher test scores than those who hardly get any.

Being in school feels like you’re on a hamster wheel. Always studying for a test on a topic you could probably care less about, but because you are so determined to receive a good grade, you tend to lose sleep in the process on a weekly basis. Then you are starting right back the next week. Yeah, it’s not a good habit to get into.

Students think that staying up all night and reading a book on a topic that they are not very familiar with is going to help them retain the information better, but its actually doing the opposite. When one is sleep deprived, your brain is practically incapable of retaining any new information.

Within every major area of life, from work to communication, to relationships, sex, education, driving, athletics, fitness, Weight loss, singing, gaming, you name it. Our performance declines with the increased lack of sleep.

5. Stress Management:

With the proper amount of sleep and When your body is well rested you are better able to process and adjust to obstacles allowing you to handle the highs and lows of your day with greater ease.

When your morning gives you a a good ol’ high five to the face, Think “Zen” over seeing red.

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